Travel Agency №1 – Our partners

Travel Agency №1 – Our partners

According to Rosstat in 2014, about 9 million tickets were reserved via the Internet, next year it is expected by 30% more. I want to give you the site that works with leading travel agencies of Russia. The site constantly publishes information on countries such as: Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Czech Republic, Italy, Vietnam, Croatia and Israel.

Now tours to Israel are very relevant, since the visa is not needed, I bought a ticket and flew. And in connection with the high-cost euro and the dollar, I think in Israel you can change rubles to Shekels. If you want to visit the excursion to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, we recommend you to read all the excursions provided on the Travel-In-Israel website.Ru

Travel Agency №1 - Our partners

The list of countries and tours is updated daily. Also separately on our site you can find a ticket or a hotel in the country you want to visit. Here you can get a Schengen visa for 3,600 rubles, in the price of which includes: consular fee – 35 euros, visa collection – 25 euros, photo visa, medical insurance for 6-12 months / 30 days. You also have international driver’s license from us, which are issued for a period of ten years and are recognized as valid more than 200 countries of the world.

Tours in installments – a new service providing our travel agency. Our partner is the "Home Credit Bank", installments are issued for four months, the loan currency of rubles, the initial contribution of 20%, a loan from 15,000 to 500,000 rubles, overpaying 0%, Commission for issuing a loan 0%. Here you can order on-line tour, or by calling and our manager will gladly pick you up a tour and discuss with you all your wishes and questions.

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