Rocamadour – French village on the slope of the rock

Rocamadour – French village on the slope of the rock

Rocamadour Village in Oxidania Region in Southwest France For many years, people have attracted people from all over Europe not only by historical monuments and the sanctuary of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, but also by their unusual location.

According to the ancient legends, the Holy Amanator, considered by the biblical tax collector of Jericho, lived and died in this unusual village shortly after he left Jerusalem.

Legend says that after the body of a St. Amanator was discovered, real wonders began to occur throughout the village. When it became known that the remains of the amateur possess the healing properties, pilgrims began to come here from all over Europe. And in the treasury, the villages began to receive generous donations from the French kings.

Today Rocamadur village is one of the most important places of pilgrimage on the path of the famous walking route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Camposla.

Rocamadour - French village on the slope of the rock

The uniqueness of the village of Rocamadour lies in its unique location – on the cool slope of the rock. Some houses are built at an altitude of 120 meters.

The main attraction of the village is the pilgrimage church of Notre Dame. She was erected in 1479 and keeps in his walls the most important shrine of these places – wooden black Madonna, which, by giving, cut out the Holy Amanator.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and ordinary tourists arrive here every year. Some – to see a unique village with your own eyes. Others – To make it to the relics of the Holy Amanator and see the black Madonna.

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