Robot car drip went to travel in America

Robot car drip went to travel in America

The HitchBot robot was designed in Canada. The developers of artificial intelligence gave him the opportunity to see the world and programmed it to execute 16 tasks in different cities of the United States. So, for example, the robot must "see geysers in the Yellowstone National Park" or "Listen to Jazz in New Orleans". How the robot performs tasks, can be followed in its official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, as well as on the project itself.

Externally, HitchBot resembles a bucket with handles and legs height slightly more than 90 cm and weighing about 11 kg. Eyes replace the camcorders, and the voice apparatus – the speech synthesizer and the Cleverscript program, which also allows the robot to respond to simple questions: for example, "Where are you from" what is your hobby ". However, perhaps, one of the most important parts of the automated motorway – the built-in GPS. Thanks to the navigator, the robot can explain the foster to his driver where he needs to get.

Hitchbot has already visited Canada, Germany and Netherlands.

Robot car drip went to travel in America

One of the objectives of the project, asked by the organizers, is to study how people will respond to such an unusual motorway. "Usually we wonder if we can trust robots, – noticed one of the creators of Hitchbot Dr. Fraucca Clerk. – But we decided to turn everything from the legs on your head and ask: can the robot trust people?"

Similar at first glance comic projects, such as a robot-high-speed, actually have much more important. Studying how robots can independently navigate in space, in the future, artificial intelligence can be used to study the terrain with severe or dangerous conditions for humans – for example, volcanoes.

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