Roaming and Internet in Belize

Roaming and Internet in Belize

Network technologies and means of their maintenance are developing in whiteness enough intensively. BTL providers (WWW.BTL.NET) and Belize Web (WWW.Belizeweb.COM) provide almost all types of network services. In the capital and in the main tourist regions of the country there are a large number of Internet cafes. Wireless networks are available in some hotels and cafes, as well as at the airport.

Wi-Fi is available in almost all hotels, starting with the most fashionable and finishing budget. Almost always for the Internet is not charged. As a rule, the connection is quite good throughout Belize.


Mobile Communication of the GSM 1900 standard is developed even better than its cable partner and continues to expand the rapid pace. BELIZE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD Operator (WWW.Digicell.BZ) provides almost full coverage of the country. Rooming with Belize is available to subscribers of the largest our operators. Local SIM cards can be purchased at BTL offices, in stores and gas station across the country.

Telephone communications

Roaming and Internet in Belize

Belize has a modern (and quite expensive) telephone system. Card Machines Phones "Phonecards", Available everywhere. Cards can be purchased at BTL offices, hotels, shops and gas station.

Some rural areas are serviced "public phones", which are installed in private homes and are available to all commune members. To use such a device, you can use the usual telephone card or simply pay the owner of the house in which the phone is installed. Phones that support automatic international communication are marked with an HCD inscription (Home Country Direct) and are located near large shopping centers, hotels, banks and at the airport.

Long-distance codes in Belize No, instead of them use uniforms for the whole country. Old 4-5-digit rooms can still be found in reference books and on business cards, the use of them is possible – BTL automatically transfers requests for old numbers in modern format.

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