Ritz-Carlton will open the resort in Marrakesh

Ritz-Carlton will open the resort in Marrakesh

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a leading company in the luxury hotel industry, the other day announced accession to his portfolio of the new hotel in North Africa. The resort "Ritz-Carlton Marrakech", which is the owner of Jnan Amar Company, will be found in Morocco Marrakesh. The resort will develop around the field for polo, which is part of the elite microdistrict. Ritz-Carlton Marrakech will be located twenty kilometers from the center of Marrakesh and twelve kilometers from Lake Lalla Takerkoust.

A stunning resort in Morocco in its architecture will resemble the fortress. His guests "Ritz-Carlton Marrakech" will offer to choose accommodation on the territory of any of the sixty hotel numbers. In addition to ordinary guest apartments, the resort will also include villas. Guests can choose villas consisting of two, three or five bedrooms. Also on the territory of the resort complex in Marrakesh, bars, restaurants, luxurious spa center and all necessary concomitant infrastructure will be launched.

The Ritz-Carlton brand resort in Marrakesh will contribute to the development of tourism in the region. The project to create a resort complex is already at the stage of work design. The construction of buildings of the hotel complex should begin in the fourth quarter of 2013. Complete construction work builders plan in the third quarter of 2016.

Ritz-Carlton will open the resort in Marrakesh

Representatives of Ritz-Carlton noted that they are grateful for providing them with the opportunity to manage the new hotel in Marrakesh. The unique territorial location of the resort, in their opinion, will turn the complex in the perfect destination for recreation travelers. Ritz-Carlton Marrakech will be the fourth object of Ritz-Carlton in North Africa. The strategy for the further development of the Ritz-Carlton hotel company includes, including the expansion of the company’s portfolio and in this world region.

It is worth noting that Marrakesh is one of Morocco cities visited by tourists. This city is famous for its picturesque gardens and parks. On the territory of Marrakesh, there are many landmarks. Just an hour from the city is a rather sought-after ski resort. In the Hotels of Marrakesh, you can find golf courses, admire fountains and luxurious gardens. Many hotels in the city have outdoor pools and fitness centers.

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