Risky hunting for the shells “Goose Neck” in Spain

Risky hunting for the shells "Goose Neck" in Spain

Santi Diaz Moskur – Spanish Fisherman who earns himself on the bread of rare mollusks called "Goose Neck". Santi Diaz knows every pebble in places of her hunt. It is necessary not only to find mollusks, but in order for the hunting did not become the last.

Collection of mollusks on the coast Ferrol in the North-West of Spain – this is a real business for several generations. "Goose Neck" – a very rare mollusk who loves steep rocks and secluded wet places.

This is a very dangerous view of earnings. Almost 15 years ago, the father of Santi Diaz died gathering "goose necks". Stone cross on the shore stands in memory of him and other fishermen, who also died when collecting seashells.

Despite the polynomial tragic cases, the cherished reward is too high to ignore such a chance to earn.

Just 1 kg of "goose neck" in Moscow sells at a price of about 70 euros (73 dollars). At the ate in the week before Christmas, the cost of the same kilogram can take off to 100 euros.

Risky hunting for the shells

The best percebe (so called mollusks fishermen) can be found on wet rocks – in places where the sea beats about stones. To be on such stones is very dangerous.

Dressed in the incitement, Moscow takes with him a big sharpened stick, rope and bag.

Moskursse works with Alberto, his friend, and other guys. In total, 150 people work on the coast – risking his life, they are looking for seashells on the stones, which will offer visitors to the best restaurants in Spain and other European countries.

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