Riga Sightseeing Museum AR-Nouveau and Quarter of Yuggentille

Sightstitality of Riga: Museum of the AR-Nouveau and Quarter of Yuggentille

The famous Riga quarter of Yuggendistil in Riga includes the streets of Antoniyas, Alberta and Sht. Yuggentil is one of the names of the popular in the late XIX – early XX century of Modern style, or AR-Nouveau. However, such buildings can be found in other areas of the city: about 40% of the city’s homes are made in this style. The Quarter of the Yuggendistil is particularly popular with tourists: every house of this street is a kind of masterpiece. The further popularity of the quarter attaches the fact that many of the houses were designed by Mikhail Eisenstein – the father of the famous director Sergei Eisenstein.

In addition to the quarterly style lovers, it is necessary to visit the Riga Museum of Yuggendistil, also known as the AR-Nouveau Museum. It can be noticed from afar thanks to the tower. The Museum of Yuggentille is the most young of the Museums of Riga. It was opened in 2009 and was located in the apartment, which before 1907 belonged to the famous architect Konstantin Pekchende. The house in which the apartment is located, was designed by him. The museum is a renovated apartment with the interior of 1903. Ten premises are exhibited here on visitors here, where modern items are exhibited: furniture of the Vienna, Parisian and St. Petersburg manufacture, outfits of Riga fashion and other authentic attributes of the time, as well as watercolor work. All the exhibits of the museum were going on tarts on the antique shops of Riga, so each thing has a unique story and greater value.

Riga Sightseeing Museum AR-Nouveau and Quarter of Yuggentille

The house where the AR-Nouveau Museum is easy to know thanks to the roof turret
Interior of the Arian Museum
Exhibits of the Arian Museum
Street Pulkveža Brieža near the quarter of Yuggentil in Riga
Decoration of the facade of one of the houses in the center of Riga

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