Ricon de la Victoria – New branch of the country Shir

Ricon de la Victoria – New branch of the country Shir

At the beginning of the year, the fans of the works of Tolkien received a pleasant news – in the Spanish resort town of Ricon de la Victoria, construction of the La Comarca Thematic Park, fully dedicated to the Hobbits. And although the project is just only on paper – prevent the beginning of various moments related to copyright, Tolkinists are confident that in 2016 they will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the fabulous world. And therefore, now its resources can be directed not only to the creation of a specific interior, the behold of Hobbits, – search for various thematic accessories, the order in the specific style of such moments, like stretch ceilings, photo wallpapers, prints on the wall – and on the collection of finance for travel, search like-minded people for joint adventure ..

La Comarca – what it will?

Name La Comarca is a Spanish analogue of the name of the fictional country wide. The concept itself, according to the initiators of the project, is based on the already existing decorations of other similar thematic zones, and directly on the concept of the fantasy world created by Tolkin.

Ricon de la Victoria - New branch of the country Shir

Square allocated for these purposes – 80 thousand square meters. It is planned to create three zones: directly the village of Hobbits, the area with the Lake Ellago, surrounded by a specific landscape, there will be a "well of the rings", the zones of active entertainment with a climbing wall. The authorities of the city have already allocated for the construction and other work related to the project, 1.7 million euros. It remains only to get the approval of the representatives of Warner Bros., which owns copyright.

By the way, this is not the first such project of Spain. Previously, another resort – Catalan Lyde – announced the creation of a thematic park dedicated to Smurfi. In that situation, the issue of authorship has already been resolved, and the project is in the active stage of construction.

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