Retro Train “Nanazuboshi on Kyushu” Sights of the island of Kyushu Travel Guide

Retro train "Nanazubosi on Kyushu"

Retro train «Nanazubosi on Kyushu» From October 2013 will run around the island.

In Japan, where the harmony and contemplation of beauty are the basis and purpose of any undertaking, traveling by train is especially interesting. Beautifully equipped wagons, magnificent cuisine, legendary Japanese service and wonderful landscapes swimming outside the windows will kill anyone that is a really optimal way to meet the island. During travel, tourists will be asked to make a stop on hot springs «Onexah», Relax in traditional Japanese hotels «Ryukanov», Get acquainted with the cultural traditions of Japan, knowing the harmony of Kyushu and all of Japan.

Translated from Japanese «Nanazubosa» means «Seven Stars». Number «seven» For the train is of particular importance:

The train consists of 7 cars;

on the island of Kyushu 7 prefectures;

Attractions are divided into 7 species (nature, kitchen, hot springs, history and culture, place of power, friendliness, train travel).

Retro Train

The development of a retro train design was engaged in Eji Mitoka, who has already created trains for Jr Kyushu. The first car will play the role of a common living room with sofas, rotating armchairs and piano. The composition is equipped with a spacious observation platform with panoramic windows, a restaurant and comfortable bedrooms, three types of accommodation are provided: Deluxe Suite Deluxe Suite «A» Square 21m², Double Deluxe Suite type «B» Square 17m² and standard double room with an area of ​​10m², Each coupe has a toilet and shower room.

The company offers two routes of different duration and filling. In the first case, the trip will take 3 nights and 4 days. The program includes visiting the Temple of Kirisima, Sakuradzim Mountains, Lake Kinrin and Overnight in Rykan – a traditional Japanese-style hotel. The second option suggests 1 night and 2 days with a visit to Khakata, ASO, Ota, Yufuin, Nagasaki and overnight in the train.

The start of sales is scheduled for October 2012 through a network of agencies, the list of which will be published later.

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