Retnyak National Park Sights of Rijeki Travel Guide

Rhineak National Park

Rusnyak National Park attracts visitors with a combination of mountain landscapes, dense forests and alpine meadows. The park is located in the Malcona Relief Kotar, and its mountain ranges rise above the Kvarner Bay of more than 1500 meters.

The landmark is the name of the Forest Rubnyak, which was asked to guard the famous Croatian Botany Ivo Croat. The decision to create the park was taken by the middle of the XX century – At that time, its territory was only 30 km2 and included only the forest. At the end of the 20th century, the Mountain Massif Snezhnik entered the park (age – About 150 million. years) and the Kupa River (its upper current). To date, the park enters the dinar mountain system and takes 63 km2, reaching borders with Slovenia. Some large types of predators are peacefully adjacent here – Lynx, Bear and Wolf. Rich Flora Park has more than a thousand species of different plants.

Retnyak National Park Sights of Rijeki Travel Guide

Park Rusnyak – Reserved zone on which any human intervention is prohibited. There are practically no tourist facilities here – The exception is a small board and the same little restaurant. Administer the Park Zone National Society for the Protection of the nature of hrvatiya.

You can navigate through the park yourself or as part of a group with a guide. Park workers offer guests to walk along several rares of different complexity – From the climbing on the snowman, to a quiet walk along the Kupa River. You can also rent a mountain bike for a whole day or observe from special places for the life of forest inhabitants.

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