Restaurants and cafes on Phuket – overlooking the beaches of Kata, Karon, Patong Guide in Phuket

Restaurants Phuket

Phuket restaurants are numerous and diverse. Here you will find not only Thai cuisine, but also our restaurants, Chinese, Italian, Indian, French and others. Inexpensive can be eaten on Fudcorts and in restaurant courtyards, where several owners offer different dishes. Such restaurant courtyards are in the shopping centers Dzhangtsilon, Central Festival, Big Si, Tesko Lotas and others. The best seafoods can be found on the fish market on the Rawai beach, you can choose the shrimp you like or another siphood, and in restaurants on the contrary to order preparation.

What to eat on Phuket?

Sweet lovers either did not go around, at your service donuts and ice cream. Vegetarians, vegans and raws are where to turn around. In many restaurants you can order dishes without meat, replacing it on vegetables or tofu, in the markets sell fruit, enough vegan and raw food restaurants. If you have a special nutrition or dietary table, Phuket restaurants are also suitable for you, only you should know some nuances. And many will save the familiar food in fast foods. For children in Thai restaurants there is a special menu, or you can order something unsaturated from Thai cuisine.

Restaurants and cafes on Phuket - overlooking the beaches of Kata, Karon, Patong Guide in Phuket

Best restaurants in Phuket

List of best restaurants huge. And not necessarily they must be expensive. In Phuket Town you can inexpensively try branded kitchen: dumpls Dim-Same, Phuket dishes, noodles, real Roti pancakes with curry. After all, Phuket not so long ago became the city of Gastronomy UNESCO. Now the administration of the island is actively promoting the gastronomic component of tourism, conducts festivals of food and fairs. For your convenience, I described the restaurants and cafes, which I can recommend, on famous beaches: Patong, Kata, Karon, Bangtao, Nai Harn. Be sure to read about ways to save on food in Thailand. From unusual institutions I recommend a cafe cat. Do not forget to print discounts in restaurants. And gourmet should visit bars and restaurants serving craft beer.

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