Restaurants and cafes in Montenegro

Restaurants and cafes in Montenegro

Ready-made familiarity route in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina for 5 days / 4 nights

I am pleased to make up new routes in the Balkans for your travels, so I decided to share the finished route on Bosnia and Montenegro, which we departed in December. Read more →

VERAINALBANIA | December 2015

Bar, Montenegro. Great Summer Camp for Adults

The desire to engage here business does not fade for quite a long time, ten minutes. To change, he comes a desire to drink coffee and throw all these bad thoughts out of my head. Read more →

Yelisey Moroz | Spring 2015

Montenegro at the end of March: Tivat. Budva. Cetini. Return to Albania

Day was not the most sunny and warm, so even Saturday did not make ordinary people get together to the streets and in the cafe. Montenegro as if empty. Read more →


Restaurants and cafes in Montenegro

Flight from Albania to Moscow through Chernogorsk Tivat Company S7

From tyrana we left around 6 am. It was still dark in Tirana, and the thermometer showed about zero degrees (south, called). We had breakfast in the Skoder in the restaurant at the road. Read more →


Montenegro, Budva. Some Soviets

Rested in Montenegro, in the cities of Becici and Budva at the end of September. This is no longer a season, however, the sun is still bright (even very) and warm, tan and the mass of positive emotions are not inferior to summer. Read more →

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