Restaurant Water Garden in Agadir

Restaurant Water Garden in Agadir

Outdoor in Agadir thirty years ago "Water Sad" (Le Jardin d’Eau) is constantly updated and supports the modern level. Delicious food, a variety of activities and an excellent service give the uniqueness of this place. Thus, "Water Sad" became one of the mandatory places to visit in Agadir. "Water Sad" Located on the boulevard on August 20, a few hundred meters from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Every evening here has its own atmosphere. During dinner, a cozy atmosphere is created in the restaurant – soft lighting and informed east cuisine flavors give this place a special charm. Throughout the evening, the singer performs modern and folk works of Western and Moroccan music. "Water Sad" attracts all here a variety of clientele – both tourists and locals willingly spend the evenings here. And despite the constantly sounding live music, you can safely relax and talk.

Restaurant Water Garden in Agadir

"Water Sad" Not in vain got its name – here is a beautiful garden and illuminated by lights pool. A huge restaurant creates a warm and friendly atmosphere due to the traditional style of design and elegant decorations.

The restaurant menu combines dishes prepared in French and Moroccansim recipes. At the same time, the chef gives special attention to the quality and freshness of the products used. Fresh fish and organic vegetables comes here. The bird for the restaurant is grown in open avols. Foi Gra, Oysters Dahl, Royal Couscous, Fried Fish – Here are just a few of the best dishes that can be tried in "Water garden".

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