Resorts of Czech Republic Boží Dar – Neklid

Czech spas: Boží Dar – Neklid

On the north-west of the country, along the German border, it stretches a ridge Erzgebirge (Ore) Mountains. Despite its low height (maximum point – Klínovec 1244 m), there will be many opportunities for cross-country skiing lovers. Resorts Boží Dar (Bozi Dar), Klínovec (Kl&# 237; novec) and Neklid (Neklid), located 3-5 km north of the town of Jáchymov (Jachymov, 110 km north-west of Prague), constitute a single Ski are ski area&# 225; l Bo&# 382;&# 237; Dar – Neklid.

There laid 8 runs (40% "blue" and "Red", twenty% "Black") Covering about 5 km in length and with a height difference of 300 m (850-1135 m). Along with numerous short slopes bordering villages the total length of slopes of up to 70 km, but do not expect all the local trails much perfect – except for the above 8 "categorical" runs for the most part they are just a short open areas slopes. Most of the 10 local platter lifts (though different in these slopes in the long run and do not need).

The Novako ski area south of Bogis-Dara is a children’s lift, ski school for the little ones and the route for the tubing. The proposed Klínovec 6 km runs (1 "black", 2 "Red" and 3 "blue"), Which are served by 7 lifts, plus cross-country skiing 5 km in length, a free children’s lift, snow park for snowboarders, snow tunnel and pipe.

Ski schools, ski and equipment, numerous shops, bars, restaurants, and 4 free parking are operating on the territory of the resort.

Resorts of Czech Republic Boží Dar - Neklid

Skating season lasts from late December to mid-April.

One-day ski pass costs 450 CZK- 550 CZK for adult and 230 CZK- 310 CZK – for a child, six-day – 2200 CZK and 1520 CZK, respectively. All sorts of discounts and special offers.

Getting the same way by car or train from Prague (about 120 km) through Karlovy Varya with a transfer to Island to Yakhimov. The wedge can be reached by the railway line leading to Germany and through the clamps and Kowarzhsk (approximately 3 km east of the resort).

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