Religion in Japan

Religion in Japan

Shinto temples numbered about 109 million in this country. parishioners (syntoism – the religious flow in which there are about 200 directions). Buddhist – 96 million. Adeptov. Christian parishes – approximately 1.5 million. human. About 1.1 million. Man unites various sects of mixed type.

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Nara, Japan

Before us was a wide alley, on both sides of the traditional largest stone lanterns for syntoism, which for hundreds of years sacrificed pilgrims. Read more →

Gideon Travels | Autumn 2016

"Golden week" In Japan: Kyoto

From here a little bit of a lively tourist street with a bunch of shops go for 10 minutes to the Temple of Kiyimiz-Dara. The place is famous, the people of Darkness! Although there are no more and eleven read more →

SNUS71 | Spring 2016

Religion in Japan

Tokyo temple for animeshnikov

In general, every curious tourist should at least look at this temple. It is located in the northeast of the central part of Tokyo, not far from the station of the Akihabar train. Read more →

sindzidaisya | Autumn 2015

Great Tokyo Buddha

He was put in Tokyo in 1977, as a sign of memory and prayer for the victims of a large earthquake and a fire in Tokyo in 1923 and for the victim during World War II. Read more →

sindzidaisya | September 2014

Japanese album. By ginze on weekends

Ginse full churches. And in Tokyo is full. And in all of Japan too. In fact, it only seems like Japan Buddhist country. Most people are essentially unguide and worship all the gods, as if just in case. Read more →

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