Relief Map Guatemala “- the largest manual location model

"Relief Map Guatemala" – the largest manual model of the area

Northern Half Guatemala is an extensive lowland with a hot and wet tropical climate, but the southern half is mountainous with snow-covered vertices and deep valleys. This dramatic contrast between highlands and lowlands is best to evaluate in the center of Guatemala with the help of a centuries-old topographic relief map of the country.

Man-made "Relief Map Guatemala" Relief Map Guatemala

"Relief Map of Guatemala" is a huge three-dimensional map of Guatemala, covering approximately 1,800 square meters, built on 1: 10,000. However, to make the terrain more noticeable, the vertical scale is increased 5 times, which makes the mountains and tops realistically pointed.

Huge three-dimensional map of Guatemala Three-dimensional card Guatemala

The map was built in 1905 without the help of modern technologies, such as satellite mapping, making a card even more impressive. His creators, lieutenant colonel and engineer of Francisco led and engineer Claudio Uritia, spent 15 years, traveling on Guatemala on donkeys, measuring the vertices and lowlands of the country. It was the most accurate geodetic project at that time.

Tourists and a huge three-dimensional map of Guatemala Map Guatemala

Vel and Uritia caused Mount Guatemala, volcanoes, valleys, swimming pools, rivers, lakes, shores, ports, as well as countless cities and villages, car and railways.

Three-dimensional map of Guatemala, photo three-dimensional card Guatemala, photo 1

Relief Map Guatemala

It took 18 months to convert a set of collected data into an extensive topographic map from concrete.

Three-dimensional map of Guatemala, photo 2 Three-dimensional card Guatemala, photo 3

More than 70 years later, a similar project was undertaken in Scotland by a group of Polish soldiers, which is now called the "Great Polish map of Scotland".

Three-dimensional map of Guatemala, photo 4 Three-dimensional card Guatemala, photo 5

At the moment, "Relief Map of Guatemala" is probably the largest model of the area, from ever created.

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