Regions of Austria Arlberg

Regions of Austria: Arlberg

Mountain array Arlberg (Arlberg) lies on the west of Tyrol, in the upper course of Rosana, on the border with the land of Forarlberg. These mountains are considered one of the most diverse in their natural climatic conditions. Here you can see the stone wastelutes of Fallugi (2809 m) and patterns (3056 m), alpine meadows Middle Age Lehtal and Roseanne, a string of the purest lakes at the foot of the Zulzferner glaciers and excellent ski resorts. At the same time, the snow here will fall out more than in other areas of Tyrol, and relatively low mountains provide good conditions for beginners. The ski season here is somewhat shorter than in the east, however, it begins for a week and a half earlier than in Kitzbühel, for example.

The first resort town on the way from Innsbruck will be St. Anton-am Arlberg, lying in the valley at the northern slopes of Mount Hampberg (2401 m) and Vychyloferkopf (2556 m) at the entrance to the famous Tunnel Arlberg. Village St. Cristof Am Arlberg (Sankt Christoph’s Am Arlberg) lies in the throat of gorge 5 km west of St. Anton, immediately behind the turn of the main highway to the Arlbergpas pass (1793 m), now it is, rather, one of the stations of the extensive ski area of ​​St. Anton.

Regions of Austria Arlberg

The Arlberg area unites the excellent ski resorts of St. Anton Am Arlberg (Sankt Anton Am Arlberg), Sankt Christoph Am Arlberg, Sankt Jakob Am Arlberg (Sankt Jakob Am Arlberg), Petny Am Arlberg (Pettneu Am Arlberg), Schnann (Flirsch) and Schringen (Strengen). Basically, they are all linked to good roads, but to some of the highly mountainous villages can only be reached by lifts.

The resorts are combined with a common ski subscription covering two major areas related to the lifts: St. Anton – St. Christoph and the already lying in Foralberg TsURS – Lech – Neurlakh.

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