Railroads and trains in the Netherlands, personal experience

Railroads and trains in the Netherlands: a personal experience

From Amsterdam to beach g. Zandvoort aan Zee by train

Netherlands: especially the purchase of railway tickets

For trips to Holland to buy tickets from vending machines or the ticket office at the station. This ticket is not tied to a particular train and does not give the right to place. You can take any train that day and all you want to interrupt the journey. It is desirable to route more or less corresponds to the line between the initial and final points specified in the ticket. As a rule, it is for one day tickets. But you can buy a ticket without a date, then it must be composted at the exit to the platform.

In Belgium, Germany, France walk high-speed expressions Ice. In the ticket on such trains, a specific train is specified and a place is reserved. You can buy a ticket without a place a few minutes before the train is departed, but then the opportunity to stand in the vestibule all the way.

High-speed expresses stop only at large stations, develop speeds up to 250 km / h and have an additional service in the form of a cafe and other. Therefore, Ice tickets are sold with a surcharge (Met Toeslag). A couple of years ago, the Dutch ceased to make a ticket, if the point of sending, and the destination is out of Holland. Railway tickets in Belgium are cheaper than in Holland. Antwerp Amsterdam ticket (bought in Belgium) can be cheaper Amsterdam-Antwerp ticket (purchased in Holland). Absurdity is complete, but really.

Automators at the Amsterdam train station take only a trifle

Railroads and trains in the Netherlands, personal experience

Problems with payment of tickets by bank cards

He conducted a search on the Internet, that’s what I found:

At HOW TO USE THE TICKET MACHINE The author notes that it is impossible to use "Not local" Debit cards. There is still a picture with the image of a machine, if you enlarge it, then the right above the screen seems to be visible for coins.

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