Official holidays and weekends in the UAE Personal experience

Official holidays and weekends in the UAE: Personal Experience

2008 met in Dubai. The mass of positive impressions remained from recreation. We lived on Jumeyr, Hotel Mina A’salam.

Before the trip, I was warned that they might there with alcohol problems. I did not notice any problems. The main thing is to pay money and you will have anything. In general, I realized that it is possible to perfectly relax in Dubai only when you are able to spend a round sum. Otherwise, you are doomed to any vile excursions, and for mad money (for example, a sightseeing tour of Bourges costs $ 130 from a person; while we, living in a single hotel complex, went there just to see and eat and drink in bars and restaurants). And the problem of the endless construction site also did not touch us, there are already everything is erected around the maximum. In the city, I agree, you will not get such a comfort.

Official holidays and weekends in the UAE Personal experience

Dubai – a gorgeous place to relax, when you lie on the beach, squeeze cold and fragrant and mint mojito, when you are happy to admire the New Year’s decoration everywhere when people are smiling, and in street ashtrays (urns) painted patterns from sand (and you, you You do not notice anyone who has time to do them, because you just extended a cigarette). This is a luxury and comfort. Just need to learn how to use it, and not to show your Blessuria, covering all the big money. The only unpleasant moment when you see the Ham’s behavior on the part of some our and Ukrainian tourists. These copies are clearly not leaving the intellect’s hoof, the behavior is disgusting, everywhere, Branch and Materbia. Talk: "With your charter in someone else’s monastery do not climb". And they, on the contrary, behave ugly and completely do not respect the culture and foundations of the country. And then require respectful relationship.

By the way, shopping is excellent there, for example, in Louis Vuitton prices are supported at the global level and below Moscow by 30%. Good luck in the new year and excellent travel!

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