Norway currency Personal experience

Norway currency: personal experience

Moving to one of the main attractions of Bergen – Fish Market. Life boils there, all tourists flock there, and the locals perform their evening promenade.

Here there is a brisk trade in various Norwegian souvenirs: somehow different mischievous trolls, the hats of the Vikings with horns, scarves and sweaters with Norwegian symbolism and a lot of all sorts of

Getting to the fish market on the square sells, which lies on the shore of the cozy bay, you immediately find yourself in the fragrant smells of fresh salmon on the grill, the freshest, just catchy shrimps that you can eat right there, looking at moored yachts and flying chak , brazenly missing food from tourists, or you can just walk between bright rows with fresh fish and wonder the prices for all this marine abundance.

Salmon. Smoked, raw, with all sorts of spices – temptation for hungry stomach. Caviar: Red, Black, White, Overseas Eggplant, Tourist Sets. Snow Kamchatka Crabs, Fat Lobsters, Royal Shrimps. Fish soup of 100 kroons (example 550 rubles) for a small bang.

Live lobsters with claws tied up, waiting in their hour to be eaten. Sad, of course, spectacle. Neighboring with them similar to crab mites.

Norway currency Personal experience

We, being hungry. could not keep and taki ordered the grilled salmon steaks. One-grains portion cost in 178 kroons (= 1000 rubles).

The spouse asked to catch the lobster and hold it, and I captured this memorable frame.We didn’t stop the gigantic crab for us to make this. In my opinion, he had broken claws so that he could not get out of the aquarium. Yes, the size of this maritime miracle is impressive.

Here on the market you can buy a sausage from different types of meat: in a black wrapper: from venison, in white – whale meat, in Krasnaya – Pork.

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