New Year tree installed in Bangkok

New Year tree installed in Bangkok

Thailand is actively preparing for the celebration of the New Year and Christmas. In front of the largest in Bangkok, Zen shopping and entertainment complex installed the magnificent New Year tree. A group of designers and designers worked on her, while on the creation of a Christmas tree they spent almost a month. The height of the ate is almost 20 meters. The tree is decorated with a tent of thousands of light bulbs, and the festively decorated Christmas tree is a huge star. Of course, the design is especially beautiful in the dark when all lights are lit on it.

Although most residents of the Kingdom – Buddhists, Thais gladly celebrate a holiday along with tourists from Europe and the USA. On Christmas and New Year holidays here are expected to influx guests from foreign countries. Especially love the winter holidays in Thailand tourists from our country, the residents of St. Petersburg and other our regions come to warm up on the sunny beach. But despite the increasingly increasing flow of holidaymakers, the cost of a ticket to Thailand will remain the same, tours to Thailand will continue to be available for a new year holiday option. Festive mood to tourists will create not only the Christmas fir, but the rash, with whom the holiday itself celebrates.

New Year tree installed in Bangkok

Interestingly, in Thailand, not only the date is different in which the new year is officially coming, but the churches itself, which starts from the day of the Buddha’s Buddha in Nirvana, thus the next year will be 2556. And for the convenience of numerous tourists and businessmen in the country applies and the Gregory calendar.

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