Nature of Belarus Personal Experience

Nature of Belarus: personal experience

Belarus is considered to be a country with protracted socialism and an increased level of radiation. However, only those who have never been to the National Park of Braslav Lakes may think so.

I know about him not in the healing – there I was born and in my childhood spent all my free time. Now, limited in time, I try at least a week to get out of this truly reserved corner annually, where you can relax not only by the body, but also soul. What, I think, in our society it is very important.

Nature of Belarus Personal Experience

In Braslav and its surroundings, it is best to come from June to August, although it is hot now in September. Within the city, at least 3 lakes, to get to which it is not difficult out of any corners. In the region as a whole, there are about 40 lakes. All of them clean, stunningly beautiful. If you do not want to swim or sunbathe, there is always the opportunity to go to the forest. Fortunately, here he is not far from the city. Attractions in the city are not too much – everything can be accessed and inspecting in one day: the church, the Castle Mountain (the remnants of the ancient settlement have long been not), the House of Crafts (it regularly held exhibitions of local artists and masters) and the local Museum of Local Lore.

Now travel business in the park is developing, the plans for the construction of the embankment at the widest lake of the city – Drinky. From the city budget there are funds to maintain environmental purity in the park. Come – you will not regret. Once looked in the blue eyes of the Braslav Lakes, love them forever. My heart is forever there.

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