National Parks and Reserves in Armenia

National Parks and Reserves in Armenia

Among the natural sights of Armenia, the Honored Slavs National Park Sevan (Gegamia Sea), covering the territory around the same high-alone lake with a depth of up to 86 m. and more than 1,200 square meters. KM. (Recently, the water level in the lake falls). In addition to the beauty of the lake itself, for the supply of water of which, by the way, the multi-kilometer tunnel is broken in the rocks, it is necessary to inspect the ruins of the fasteners of the era of Urart (VII-I BB. to N. NS.) in Havar, Landjahbure, Lachen and Kamo, numerous necropolis XIII-XII centuries. to N. NS., Sevan Monastery Gegarkicnik (VIII in.), on the former island, who once rummaged in the midst of Sevan (now it is the peninsula), the church of Surb Karapet (x in.) and Surb Assicin in Kamo (1848 g.), Monastery Mackenis (VII in.), Monastery Vaunuank (903 g.), Ruins of monasteries SURB Schogakat (x in.) in Dzorahuh and Kotavank (IX in.) in Nikin Gethen and T. D.

Hoshrov reserve enjoys well-deserved glory, in which many endemic animals can be seen (including the rarest mountain fish and Syrian bears). Also interesting is the Dilijan Reserve, in which the roar of the roar, the brown bear and the stone cunnition. Arsnakar is considered the unique creation of nature ("Stone bride") – rock monolith in the form of an adorable girl in a wedding dress. A lot of waterfalls are scattered across the country, but the most beautiful is the Shaky Waterfall in Zangezure.

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National Parks and Reserves in Armenia

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