Lyon Festival in Lyon

Lyon Festival in Lyon

One of the most notable cultural events of France – the light festival in Lyon – starts on December 8 and will last until 11. Four days in the city will pass the light show, performances of acrobats and actors, and, of course, will not cost without surprises, because experts in the field of illumination will gather here.

The organizers will not be stored for the creation of unique special effects, for example, when the image of a palace is created using lasers, which is superimposed on a real building. As a result, it can fantastically bend, deform, columns can dance, and windows – change in places. All this is accompanied by stunning sound effects.

Optical effects are waiting for guests of the city at every step, sometimes you might think that these are real hallucinations. This year, more than 70 light ideas will be held, including the transformation of the Celestins Theater in the Pinbol Automation and the walking of the Giant Elephant on Menestrier Passage. Mayor of Lion 10 years ago promised magic these days, and kept the word: more than 3 million. Tourists flock to the city at the festival.

Lyon Festival in Lyon

Festival for the first time organized about 150 years ago in honor of the end of the terrible epidemic of plague. Bright tradition passed on, and since then the holiday is arranged in Lyon annually. When the Light Festival is held in the second largest city of France, it is transformed: streets, vintage buildings, churches, cathedrals, fountains and sculptures are bathed in multicolored rays. At this time, he proves that he is not inferior to his long-time opponent – Paris.

During his stay in Lyon, it is worth evaluating the culinary talents of his chefs. Locals argue that they are fed here not worse than in the capital. At least in two institutions, this is true: Restaurant La Machonnerie is estimated as a better institution where you can enjoy invoking Lyon dishes, and La Mere Brazier is the owner of two Mishlen stars and has a glorious 90-year-old history.

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