Landmark Madrid Royal Palace

Madrid’s attractions: Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Madrid served the residence of Spanish monarchs from the middle of the XVIII century. The current King of Spain, Juan Carlos I violated this tradition; He lives elsewhere, and the palace visits official visits and other state events in cases.

Around the palace, on the banks of the River Manzanares, a beautiful park is broken. It has a Museum of Careet, where crews, which took the Spanish kings from the XVI century.

Many museums and art galleries of the world may induce the internal arrangement of the palace. The frescoes are made by masters of painting, like Goya, Velasquez, Jordano and Caravaggio. It is stored one of the largest collections of Stradivari violins in the world, a collection of medieval weapons and ancient furniture in excellent condition. Among the interesting exhibitions, you can allocate the royal pharmacy with chemical dishes, herbarium and laboratory equipment of the XVII century. Also is of interest numismatic exhibition.

The architectural style of the Palace is a classic baroque; It can be seen both outside and in interior design. The building is built around the courtyard, lined with granite and marble. At the entrance to the weapon chamber, visitors see the majestic marble staircase, and above it – the dome, painted by the Italian artist Korrado Dzhaquinto. Thanks to his unique technique, the dome seems infinitely leaving up, attracting views and causing desire to consider details.

In the royal palace of Madrid, the Spanish king now does not live
View of the Royal Palace of Madrid from the Park

Landmark Madrid Royal Palace

Working hours: October 1 – March 31: 9: 30-17.00. On Sunday and on Holidays 9: 00-14: 00. April 1 – September 30: 9: 00-18: 00. On Sunday and on Holidays 9: 00-15: 00. The palace is closed for visiting during official events, as well as 1, January 6, May 1, 25, December 31.

Ticket price: The main tariff is 10 euros (excursion with a guide, art gallery), 9 euros (only excursion), 8 euros (independent inspection), 6 euros as part of the tourist group. Preferential rate: 3.5 euros. Free entrance for children up to 5 years, as well as on Wednesdays for EU citizens. A free entrance ticket does not include shopping gallery.

Address: Calle BailĂ©n, S / N, 28071 Madrid. Nearest Metro Station – Opera.

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