Karelia Information about the region

Karelia: Information about the region

The archipelago includes more than 50 islands. Of these, the largest – Valaam, in which the Valaam Male Monastery is located. The territory of the archipelago in his entire history belonged to Sweden, the our Empire, Finland, the USSR and at the moment of Russia. Archipelago himself is located in the central part of Lake Ladoga – the largest in Europe. The islands of the archipelago are covered by Taiga, part of the shores rocky.

In the north-western part of Ladoga, the magnificent archipelago stretches – Ladoga Schhers. In these picturesque places, nature has retained its primordial appearance: century-old pines, untouched deciduous forests, unique landscapes, spacious fields, high rocking cliffs from which the magnificent views of the island and the water surface are Ladoga. Here, many species of rare animals and plants have been found here. Ladoga ringed nerve – the most famous inhabitant Schcher, listed in the Red Book. The largest islands of Ladoga Schker are: RECEKACANSARI, Lauvatsari, Kilple, Kitchen, Putzari, Solanxari.

Kizhi Island

On the island in Onega Lake, there is a museum-reserve "Kizhi", as well as the world famous architectural ensemble of Kizhsky. It consists of two churches and bell tower and included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Central Object Reserve – Kivach Falls. This is one of the oldest reserves of Russia. On the territory of the reserve there is also a sovereign boron where trees have been preserved for 3.5th century.

Karelia Information about the region

Village maritarian waters

On the territory of the village there is the same mud resort, this is the first resort of Russia, founded by Peter I. Also on the territory of the village there is a sanatorium "Palaces", on the site of which Palace Peter I and four wells and source of mineral waters were located. The water in them is very cold, doctors recommend drinking it through the tube due to the large amount of iron in the composition.

The main object of the park is the marble canyon, which is now filled with groundwater. Marble of this canyon was used in the construction of the most significant buildings of St. Petersburg. After the Great Patriotic War, the production in the marble canyon was flooded and pumping water at the moment is impossible.

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