Journey to Yacht

Journey to Yacht

But there is another kind of recreation, where you yourself are the owner in choosing a place of recreation, route and holiday duration &# 8211; This is a journey on the yacht, here you can order rent a yacht and our staff will fulfill any of your wishes! In fact, the yacht rental is not so expensive, as many of us think, if we compare, then at prices, it is about to book a hotel with services, all inclusive.

But you are provided with complete freedom of choice in the travel route and its components, visiting any ports and countries at your discretion. Naturally, if you decide to go on a yacht for the first time, then you must talk with those people for whom rest on the yacht, has become an ordinary thing, ask friends, friends, perhaps someone is going on a journey and already gaining a team and yours Services will be by the way. If there are no such options, do not despair, book a yacht, decide on time and most importantly find a good captain, old sea wolf.

Journey to Yacht

Of course, the rental prices of the yacht differ, it all depends on the level of comfort and displacement of the yacht, for example, the rental of the yacht in Turkey for a week costs about 2000 euros per week, so the team of three, five people will be not very expensive. Naturally, it is necessary to think about the stocks of products and drinking water at the time of travel, it will also be additional costs, and the fuel must be taken to the entire route with a margin, do not forget about the medicines and other useful trivia, in general everything that might in swimming away from the shores and civilization.

To begin with, it is better to start your sea travel with not very remote areas, such as the Mediterranean Sea, traveling along the shores of Turkey, Italy or the Northern Coast of Africa, you are always with adverse circumstances, you can go to the port. It is worth trying and traveling on a yacht, it will be the best alternative to your holiday in hotels.

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