In the mountains they rule women

In the mountains they rule women

The life of the people of Moso, who lives high in the Himalayan mountains of the Chinese provinces Sichuan and Yunnan, has changed slightly over the past 60 years, despite the cultural revolution, which the Chinese Army brought with him to Tibet in 1959. Moso Society tried to subjected to changes, conducted a policy of introducing new values ​​and regulated family traditions. But despite this, now Moso lives the same way as their ancestors of a hundred and thousands of years ago.

Women are heads of families, they hold all manual labor on themselves, inheritance goes on the female line, women make economic decisions, although men are engaged in politics. Moso has no clear marriage frames, they practice the so-called guest marriage, which implies a romantic and sexual relationship with one or more men, but, of course, all these relationships up to permission to visit her at night regulates a woman. Children always stay with her mother and sometimes do not even know who was their father.

Matriarchov Moso called Daba, and they are real keepers of centuries-old traditions. Some of them still remember the times when their currently disappearing culture was protected from external influence. However, in our time, financial difficulties and severe life in the mountains are increasingly forcing Moso to move to other areas and adopt a local lifestyle.

In the mountains they rule women

In these portrait works, the photographer has tried to reflect the culture that goes into non-existence – one of many who were suppressed by globalism and urbanization.

Earlier, "my planet" talked about how women live in different parts of the globe, where there are still the traditions of the ancestors – in particular, the women of the Karo tribe in Ethiopia, where Patriarchate reigns. At the same time, the nationality of Toda in South India, as well as MOS, lives in a matriarchal society.

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