In Rimini passed pink night

In Rimini passed pink night

Last weekend in Rimini passed "Pink night". This famous festival takes place in the resort city annually since 2006, and the date "Pink Night" constantly changing. But now every summer in honor of the summer eve of the New Year, Rimini is painted red and is a stunning spectacle. The whole city is home, monuments, harbor – everything is glowing a variety of shades of red. And those who want to walk on Rimini on this night, go to the streets, dressed in the corresponding tones.

The main events at the festival are held on Cavour Square and around the port. But almost all the streets of the city overlap, turning Rimini into a huge pedestrian zone. The streets play musicians who perform the music of different genres, from rock and jazz to classic works. Thousands of fireworks take off everywhere in the air, illuminating the sky with pink lights.

In Rimini passed pink night

Rimini – the largest resort in Italy, located on the Adriatic Sea. 15 kilometers of beaches, merry discos, stunning shopping – all this attracts thousands of tourists here, writes http: // Riminishopping.RU / Rimini.HTML.

In the summer season besides "Pink Night" Numerous entertainment activities are organized in Rimini. They pass almost all local beaches. These are festivals, both sports competitions, and folk holidays, and performances of street theaters and circus. At the same time, all entertainment running on the beach strip are included in the day the day rental of the sun bed and an umbrella, you do not need to pay them additionally. But to take part in the holidays can anyone.

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