Ilyabel (ilhabela)

Ilyabel (ilhabela)

Ilyabel (ilhabela) – It is an archipelago and the same city, located approximately 2.5 km from Brazil’s coast, 200 km south-east of Sao Paulo and 390 km south of Rio de Janeiro. Population – 28 176 people (2010).

The archipelago consists of the largest island of Ilya de San Sebastian (Ilha de são sebasti&# 227; O), which is usually called Ilyabla, and several small islands – búZios, Pescadores and VitóRIA. Archipelago Square – 348 km².

On the main island there are several small towns, including Ilyabla, to the greatest extent, preserved traces of the colonial past.

About 78% of the territory of the archipelago is a natural reserve. On the main island there are 41 sandy beach and about 360 waterfalls, thirty of which are suitable for swimming (but to admire their beauty, tourists will have to overcome multi-kilometer mountain trails).

Ilyabel is a popular tourist destination, mainly among the Brazilians (including residents of São Paulo).

Main villages Popular on Ilyabel: Beach holidays, sailing and other water sports (every year there is a few regatoms here), as well as tracking (numerous pedestrian trails are laid on the main island) and diving (in the waters around the archipelago there are more than 50 sunken ships ).

Ilyabel (ilhabela)

From Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to the archipelago Ilyabel can be reached by bus or car.

First you need to get to the city of San Sebastian (são sebasti&# 227; O), in which the port is located, from where the ferries go to the main island of the archipelago.

From the coast of the continental part of Brazil to the main island can only be reached on the ferry (there is no bridge), travel time – About 15 minutes.

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