If you are in Nizhny Novgorod only on the weekend

If you are in Nizhny Novgorod only on the weekend

Regardless of what purpose you eat to the city: clubs, bars, restaurants or just a sightseeing program in the most significant places. This is one of the most ancient buildings not only in the city, but perhaps in all Russia.

2. Cross the Volga through a cable car

Not only was it created relatively recently, it is still considered the longest and highest in all of Europe. She is also a means of movement and connects Novgorod with a neighboring boron.

3. Stroll on the famous Arbat (ul. Large Pokrovskaya)

His main feature is a large number of historical buildings, which in different times belonged to wealthy people and officials. Also in the modern world here are great opportunities for shopping, mass cafes and restaurants.

4. Climb on all 560 steps of the Chkalov Stairs

This staircase connecting two embankments is recognized as the largest in the entire post-Soviet space. It was built by the captive Germans during the war and in the post-war period. Finally, its construction completed in 1949.

5. Wide as a cosmonaut by visiting the planetarium

If you are in Nizhny Novgorod only on the weekend

This is the most modern planetarium in the current Russia. 3D inspection innovation allows you to feel in the middle of the universe right in open space. At the same time, the effect is much more interesting and strong than in the cinema on a volumetric film session.

6. What about Switzerland?

You can even visit it without leaving the limits of the city, not to mention the country. So called the local park on the banks of the Oka. Here you can not only have a good relax in the lap of nature, but also visit the amusement park or admire the landscapes of the river.

If you have your MUST DO lists in Nizhny Novgorod, tell us about it in the comments 🙂

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