Ice overnight

Ice overnight

Lainio Snow Village is not just a hotel, but a whole snowy complex located near the major ski centers Yullas and Levi, 150 km from Rovaniemi.

Of course, live here for a few days almost unreal, but spending a day very exciting. The complex has 20 double needle, six real snowy suites, icebreak and restaurant. For thermal-loving guests there are a separate restaurant, cottages, as well as an extension with fireplace, sauna and amenities.


Despite all additional services and pleasures, the culmination of visiting Lainio is overnight stay. I would like to advise you to spend the suite – Believe me, it is worth it! Each room is framed in its own way, and in each organized unique illumination, including imitation of the Northern Lights.

Before you go on an ice bed, guests explain in detail the method of packaging in a sleeping bag in which you can climb, leaving only the nose outside. The temperature in the rooms usually holds about minus 6 degrees, but as soon as the packaging process is complete, you feel that it has already been warmed. Is it necessary to say that the sleep on the frost is simply magical!


The next day, you can wander around the winding vaulted galleries of the hotel. Here collected a collection of ice sculptures that are combined by themes.

After breakfast, guests are offered interesting activates: Safari on snowmobiles, reindeer or husky.

Ice overnight

A restaurant

Guests are dinner traditionally in an ice restaurant, even if you plan to sleep in a warm cottage. Ice benches covered with deer skins, ice tables and even glasses for excellent Finnish vodka, you can order from ice.

Kushany here are eaten with a wolf appetite, not having time to cool down on a degree.


Regularly the thickness of the ceiling archs are tested for strength. If some doubts arise (it usually happens only in March), suspicious rooms closed. In each gallery you can find a fire extinguisher. As the manager said: "We were told, we hung, so if you notice that somewhere burns the walls, you know what to do"!

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