Guinness Records Book presented outstanding achievements of 2014

Guinness Records Book presented outstanding achievements of 2014

In the final of the contest "The best record. Fan Choice 2014 "The Guinness Records Books came out six records to which citizens of Russia, France, Portugal, USA, Philippines and Japan have.

The list of outstanding records of the year turned out to be the two largest mosaics. One of them was created from the wine plugs in the city of Bordeaux by artists from Russia and France: according to the sketches of Muscovite Natalia Golovanova from 285,000 traffic jams on the embankment, the composition "Giant barrel" with an area of ​​154.8 m² – in it images of St. Petersburg, Bordeaux and portraits of ancient Greek gods. Other mosaic laid out the Japanese from black and white beans, depicting a samurai warrior on an area of ​​300.85 m².

Among the finalists there are also two sporting achievements: the fastest Staterometry, which was running on one foot through the rope American Peter Nestler for 23.78 seconds, and a series of ultramaraphones, who ran a resident of Portugal Maria Conceseau on each of the continents, having met at 41 days with short breaks : Start took place in Antarctica on January 26, Finish – in Africa on March 8.

Guinness Records Book presented outstanding achievements of 2014

The remaining two records are the longest background for photographing made in Japan, and the most massive execution of the ritual Philippine Tynikling dance, which danced 344 dancer at the Dallas stadium.

During online voting on the website of the Guinness Book of Records, the main record of 2014 was chosen: they became the our-French project "Gigantic Barrel" – the largest mosaic from wine traffic jams in the world.

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