Gribovka (Gribovka)

Gribovka (Gribovka)

Mribovka – This is a small settlement 30 km from Odessa, which, by virtue of his geographical location, has become a resort, and from year to year this place is becoming increasingly popular. Tourist interest in fungiovka is heated by the fact that the resort is continuously developing, increasing the necessary and attractive infrastructure for vacationers.

Families often come to fungi, with young children, friends. Opportunities for placement appears more and more. Already now there are more than 50 (!) Hotels. All of them – different price categories and prestiges, so everyone can choose a vacation option for themselves in accordance with its budget. In addition to the hotel, you can rent a separate house.

The main thing, and the most striking advantage of fungi – this is, of course, the local nature that pleases the eye from early spring and to the very late autumn. The combination of thick greens, the endless clean sea and golden sandy beaches creates a unique atmosphere and has a high-quality peaceful rest.

There are also opportunities for active pastime in fungivka. Water scooters, boats, catamarans are offered for rent. A variety of attractions work around the coast. Almost every recreation center is equipped with a playground.

Gribovka (Gribovka)

Although fungivka is relatively young on Ukrainian standards the resort, already now there is a fairly developed infrastructure that continues to improve. In addition to numerous private houses, hotels and recreation centers Mushrooms, vacationers have all the opportunities for a full-fledged entertainment relaxation: Moon Park, discos, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, karaoke, billiards and other. Local entrepreneurs organize a variety of sea and land excursions.

For those who travel on their own car, the resort provides enough well protected parking.

The local climate allows you to open the tourist season in May month and finish in September.

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