Ganvi – the biggest village on the water in West Africa

Ganvi – the biggest village on the water in West Africa

The whole village is standing on piles in the middle of the lake. With a population of about 20 thousand people, it is probably the biggest lake village in Africa, and therefore it is very popular among tourists.

Ganvi – the largest Village on the water of Ganvi – the village on the water

It is believed that the people of Tofina settled here in the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries and built a lake village here to escape from the slave owners who came from the tribe, which were allowed for religious reasons to enter the water. It made the lagoon safe territory for other tribes.

Ganvi – Village on the water, West Africa Ganvi – Village on the water in West Africa

People Tofina built their homes on the water about 500 years ago. Since then, a complex and prosperous culture of life on the lake was formed in the village of Ganvi.

Ganvi Village on Water Ganvi Village on Water, West Africa

All houses, shops and restaurants Ganvi are built on wooden piles in some meters above the water. There is also a floating market where the villages of the village demonstrate their products.

Ganvi village on water in West Africa

Ganvi - the biggest village on the water in West Africa

In the city there is one plot of land on which the rural school is located. The whole earth was brought by Hanvi people on their boats. Now local residents are building another island to create a proper cemetery.

Ganvi Village Ganvi village in West Africa

Most people earn with fishing and tourism. Fishermen catch and dilute fish using underwater fences from bamboo and networks. Some rural residents also bind animals that live in grass sites that protrude from water.

Ganvi Village, West Africa

There are some restaurants in the village where you can stay to eat delicious fresh fish and rice, as well as how many stores selling tourist baubles.

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