From the procedure – on the ball

From the procedure – on the ball

Crans-Montana, Fabulous Alpine Resort in French Switzerland, located at an altitude of 1.500 m above sea level, 180 km from Geneva. Luxurious recreation and efficient non-traditional treatment that were previously European "cream society", Offers the Moscow Tourist Firm today "Eldorado-tour". This is not cheap, and not even a two-week trip to Crans-Montana will be able to not everyone, but if your wallet is the state of your wallet allows – the best just not to find.

In a comfortable five-star hotel "Ambassador" There is a wellness center whose specialists use the techniques developed by the famous Dr. Maurice Messeghe, who received not one premium for their opening. It is based on the treatment of slags from the body, and used for this purpose only environmentally friendly alpine herbs grown on plates belonging to the hotel.

From the procedure - on the ball

Cover here stress and depression, allergies, some types of internal diseases, are very successfully fighting with overweight, cellulites and provide cosmetology. All procedures (compresses, underwater gymnastics, endless massages, baths and more) are included in the cost of treatment. Observation of doctors – constant (from 8 am until the evening), but very unobtrusive, and the food, which is called, for gourmets: exquisitely, but in a little bit. Take quality, not quantity. And in the evenings – banquets, so stick the evening toilets and tuxedos: come in handy.

And leaving this paradise, scrap as more creams and lotions from the same miraculous herbs – everyone will be delighted.

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