Formalities and rules of entry into Belarus

Formalities and rules of entry into Belarus

Citizens of the CIS and other states, with the exception of citizens of the our Federation, at the entrance to the territory of Belarus should fill out the migration card form. Foreign citizens at the entrance to Belarus are obliged to have a policy of compulsory health insurance, the amount of coverage of which is at least 5,000 euros. In practice, in Belarus International Airports to foreign citizens (with the exception of citizens of the our Federation), it is necessary to impose a policy of medical insurance during passport control, without it they do not set markings about the entry. In the absence of a foreigner policy obligate to buy insurance from a representative of a local insurance company (the company’s representation is usually located in the controlled area of ​​the airport in front of the passport control zone).

Coronavirus restrictions on entry into Belarus

At the entrance to Belarus, our citizens should have a negative result of PCR test on COVID-19. Children under 6 years from the test are exempt. This requirement does not concern our citizens who entered Belarus from the third country and follow in Russia transit.

Formalities and rules of entry into Belarus

our citizens may leave Russia and enter Belarus through air borders without any restrictions.

Through land borders Tourist departure is practically closed. That is why at the end of 2020 – early 2021, many tourists make themselves departure from Russia to Belarus in order to treat. From the side of Belarus, the ground boundary is practically absent: only our border guards check the documents for the right to leave.

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