For bright pictures. Multicolored mountains

For bright pictures. Multicolored mountains

Approximately 100 km from Baku, in one of the picturesque areas of Azerbaijan, you can meet the Multicolored Mountains of Hiz. Wavy strips form incredible patterns that stretch along the highway. Even in the closed weather, the hills amazed with their colors: here yellow is adjacent to terracotta, and the crimson-red is replaced by golden.

They have been published seem to be stone, and in fact, covered with a layer of clay, in which you can detect pebbles of a certain shape: they are crushed (slightly apart) on the clay surface with tiny islands.

These are the "pebbles" helped to find on the Internet the time of formation of a kind of landscape of Hizu. It turned out that "pebbles" are Belemnites or Belemannitis, a detachment of extinct challenges of mollusks. Inside the body of Belemnita there was a massive carbonate sprout, similar to the arrow tip. This most durable part of the inner shell has been preserved best in fossil state, and it is she who reached these days.

Belemnites were very numerous in Jurassic and chalk periods. It is curious that it was in the Jurassic period that Supercontinent Pangea began to decay into separate continental blocks; shallow sea formed between them. Channels, which include Belemnites, were distributed in the oceans and seas, most preferred to live in the bottom layer or at the bottom of the brassing reservoirs.

For bright pictures. Multicolored mountains

Bellemnitis on appearance resembled cerebral squids, but in their body there was a conical sink, divided by cameras. The top of the sink ended with the edge – Rostrum, which is now in the set lie on the surface of the multicolored mountains. But what is connected "Mute" specifically this area, I could not find.

It is clear that the deposits of the Jurassic period are diverse: limestone, crumpled breeds, shale, magmatic breeds, clays, sands, conglomerates, formed in a variety of conditions under the influence of climate, sun and water. But, as and what connections were painted the mountains of Hizu, I would like to know and satisfy curiosity.

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