Elefantin Island Attractions Aswan Travel Guide

Elefantin Island

Elefantin Island In the past, wore another name. He was called Abu, that is, an elephant. And Elefantina, the modern name is already in English.

We clarify that the name of the island of Elefantin hints at the fishery of the ivory, the trafficking in the past, the locals were actively engaged in the past.

The first fortress appeared on the island at the very beginning of the rule I of the Pharaoh Dynasty, that is, about 3’000 BC. Fort reliably defended the southern borders of the country.

Over time, Abu island turned into a significant customs assembly, as well as a major trading point. Throughout the Epoch of the Pharaoh Board in Egypt, the island held its important strategic importance. He was also a starting point for expeditions to Nubia – for military purposes, as well as to establish trading relations. Dievet Abu came at the time of the reign of VI dynasty: at this time the island was strong as an economic and political center, moreover, he kept these positions before the Greco-Roman period in the history of Egypt.

Elefantin Island Attractions Aswan Travel Guide

It is noteworthy that the cult of god Khnuma reigned on Elefantina Island – the island was his center. Khnum – Coloric Divine with Banjee Head. And his wife – Sathet – guards the borders of the country from the south. They have and daughter named questionnaire. In the deep antiquity, Snum was considered a defender of the origins of the River Nile, and from the XVIII dynasty they began to read him as the creator of mankind. Our ancestors believed that Snum created the world on a pottery disk.

There were many religious complexes on the island that displacing residential areas to the north and east.
However, in the 4th century.NS., In the time of the Roman Empire, Christianity was forcibly approved on the island. Ancient cult is weakened, only ruins remained from most cult facilities. Their tourists can see today. And in the north of the island, travelers will see the prestigious resort of Movkyenpik.

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