Customs rules of India

Customs rules of India

The import of foreign currency is not limited, cash amounts are declared more than $ 5 thousand and non-cash funds worth more than $ 10 thousand. Export of foreign currency allowed to the number declared in the entrance declaration. Import and export of the national currency is prohibited.

Persons over the age of 17 are resolved duty-free importation: cigarettes – up to 200 pieces or cigars – up to 50 pieces, or tobacco – up to 250 g, alcoholic beverages – up to 2 l, up to 60 ml of perfumes and up to 250 ml of toilet water. Household audio, photography and video equipment, musical instruments, medicines, sports equipment, decorations, food, items and household goods are doseworthy imported only within personal needs. These rules apply only to persons whose stay in India is at least 24 hours and not more than 6 months, while they cross the country’s border no more than once a month.

The importation of drugs and drug-containing drugs, weapons and ammunition is prohibited (appropriate permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country), livestock, pork and food from it, as well as gold and silver in ingots and coins. Personal computers and laptops must be specified in the entrance declaration for subsequent export from the country.

Customs rules of India

The removation of the skins of the tiger and other wild animals, the plumage of birds, leather goods of rare reptiles, living plants, jewelry worth over 2000 rupees, gold and silver in the ingots, antiques and antiquity items (to those include almost all products made more than a hundred years ago).

Pets are imported only if there is a veterinary certificate of international sample.

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