Customs and traditions of Indonesia Personal experience

Customs and traditions of Indonesia: personal experience

Balinese New Year is called "Nyppy", Celebrated somewhere in April and very peculiar. Before Nyepping 2-3 days, ceremonies are held throughout the island. A huge number of people go through the streets in national clothes to the sea. These processions are something similar to our May demonstrations.

On the seashore they pray, sing, sometimes dancing. Another week 2 to Nyeppi, each bandjar (local community) puts Pynechi through the streets – such things on sticks are similar, which are fused over the road.

When Nieppi himself comes (it lasts, it lasts, from 6 am to 6 am) – Balinese celebrate it extremely peculiar, the day of silence.

On this day, zealous Hindus Balinese pray and silent. You can not eat, drink, include music – nothing. Just think about the past year and draw conclusions. More modern Balinese, mostly youth, just sit at home, drink and eat.

Tourists on this day can not go out of hotels, the airport does not work and in general the whole island is immersed in complete silence. During the Nyeppi, a very clear sky at night and visible bright stars.

This holiday is exclusively Balinese, and noted it only on Bali. The rest of Indonesia is more adhered to the Muslim tradition and its holidays.

Customs and traditions of Indonesia Personal experience

So that unadiest tourists or just residents did not violate the local custom, Balinese organize special brigades that they want around the city and watch the silence. If in your house will see the light or hear music – they can break the bulb, and the next day the police will come to you at a fine. But these are rare cases.

Many hotels especially for tourists make parties on site. Tourists Tucks there and do not go to the streets.

Personally, we were in the Nyeppi all day at the villa, drowned wine and watched Tikhonechko series. And in the evening bathed in a dark pool under bright stars.

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