Copenhagen by bike

Copenhagen by bike

Copenhagen is famous for the whole world of its culture ride cycling and officially is the bicycle capital of the world. Every year, residents of the capital passing on average 1 million 200 thousand kilometers – the distance that travels to the moon and back, twice. By the way, on the subway, the residents of Copenhagen are passing only 660 thousand kilometers. The difference is almost 2 times. Impressive is not true?

Many tourists visiting the Danish capital think that such love for bicycles can be explained by the desire to maintain the environment, but it is not. Of course, the Danes are strongly concerned about the problems of ecology, but when they are asked, only 1 percent of residents notes as the main reason. The bike is the preferred means of movement, because it is the fastest and easiest way to drive around the whole city. Whatever the weather on the street, and where to go – the residents of Copenhagen most often appeal to a two-wheeled friend.

One of the best ways to explore Denmark and meet the Danes – take a bike. But before you do this, you should know certain rules that apply to cycling ride in Denmark. In Copenhagen, people drive very quickly and mistakes that are usually made by tourists when moving, rarely occur here with sympathy and compassion. Soon you will learn why the Danes is called excessively straightforward: they will scold you mercilessly as soon as you "fit" on a cycleway. And remember that ignorance of rules does not exempt from liability.

Copenhagen by bike

    Copenhagen has a network of interrelated cycling tracks that are present in all urban areas. Their total length – 390 kilometers. This means that you can drive from one part of the city to another, practically without leaving the bike path. The main rule – you are obliged to use the cyclehead always except for the case when it is missing. In this situation, you can go through the roadway, clinging to the sideline.

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