Canadian looking for the former girl for the army for Christmas

Canadian looking for the former girl for the army for Christmas

Unusual announcement posted on the Internet 28-year-old Jordan Aksani from Toronto. He is looking for a woman named Elizabeth Gallacher, owner of a Canadian passport, in order to give her flights to make a round-the-world travel. The route includes departure from New York on December 21, a tour of Europe with a check-in in Milan, Prague and Paris and a runaway visit to Bangkok and New Delhi. Return to Toronto is scheduled for January 8, but as Jordan notes, it is possible to postpone it for free by agreement with the airline to linger for a couple of days in the capital of India.

Round-the-world tickets were bought by Canadian in May, the young man planned to go on a Christmas trip along with his girlfriend named Elizabeth Gallacher, but managed to part with her before the trip. Take tickets or correct the name on them Jordan does not consider it possible. "Everyone who is familiar with the archaic system of modern air travel, knows that it is almost impossible to change tickets – it’s almost impossible. In addition, tickets were acquired during the massive sales, they include several airlines and cost so cheaply that they do not stand headaches and efforts to refund, "notes Canadian in the ad.

Canadian looking for the former girl for the army for Christmas

Aksani is ready to disinterestedly give round-the-world tickets to any girl with a Canadian passport and the specified name. "I’m not looking for communication, romance, drugs, not trade and do not want to make selfie with you against the background of the Christmas Fair in Prague. If you feel obliged to thank me a couple of hundreds of bucks, great. However, the only thing I ask for: To enjoy the trip and that it brought you happiness, "emphasizes Aksani. He notes that the journey may not be joint and travelers will see only in airplanes. Tickets include only flights, book hotels and places in the train His partner on the street will have to.

Jordan’s announcement widely distributed over the network, and several Elizabeth Gallacher from all over the world responded. Some expressed readiness to change the name for traveling and get a Canadian passport. "I received thousands of letters from people from all over the world," wrote Aksani two days after the start of the search and promised to announce who will be happy who will fly to him in the Arctic on Christmas.

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