Buses to Serbia

Buses to Serbia

"Lasta Bograd" – the largest bus company in Serbia and Southeast Europe, which is a member of the network "Eurolines" and connects Belgrade not only with all cities of the country, but also with the cities of Europe. The company’s fleet includes about 1000 buses, which during its existence have transported more than 100 million passengers.

Nish Express – Bus Company, the main office of which is located in the city of Niche (most flights are also from \ in niche). "Nish Express" has existed since 1951. The main task of the company is the transportation of passengers in urban, long-distance and international routes. Curious fact: all buses companies "Nish Express" – own production (their more than 500).

Bus "Nish Ekspres" makes flights from Niche to Belgrade, Novi Garden, Kruzhevac, Kraguevac. Prince, Subotica and many other cities of Serbia.

"Kavim-Jedinia" – bus company from the city of Vranne with a fleet of more than 100 buses, which carry out more than 600 daily flights – one of the leaders among Serbian bus carriers. Has offices in Buyanovse, Preloevo, Surduulice.

The cost of the company’s tickets to some directions:

Belgrade – Niche, distance 236 km, travel time 3 hours, 2 flights daily, the cost of one-way ticket – 1100 dinars;
Belgrade – Novi Garden, distance 80 km, travel time for 1 hour 30 minutes, 1 flight a day, the cost of one-way ticket – 580 dinars;

    Belgrade – Niche – Prince, distance 292 km, travel time 5 hours

Buses to Serbia

Railway station

Bus Station in Belgrade ("Bus Stanitsa") is near the Central Railway Station on Strel Neck, 4. From here international flights are departed, as well as all internal (in Niche, Krushevatz, Subotica, etc.). On the train station you can see the route schedule of all national carriers.

  • PEC (Kosovo squeezing – singing) (every half hour, the cost of the ticket – 4 euros, travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes);
  • J√§kovitsa (Jyakova) (every half hour, the cost of the ticket – 4 euros, travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes);

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