Bryansk (Bryansk)

Bryansk (Bryansk)

Bryansk (Bryansk) – Administrative center in the our Federation, located in the European part of the country on both shores of the gums, in the Bryansk region, 382 km south-west of Moscow and 142 km north of the Ukrainian border. Population – 412 753 people.

The first references to the city belong to the X century. At that time he was called «Debryansk», Since it was located in the area covered with dense forests and an impassive shUSD

In 1607, the old town during the attack of Falgestmitria II was practically destroyed, but it was quite quickly restored and even increased in size

Today’s Bryansk – This is a major industrial and cultural center, which still managed to preserve his unique nature, attracting tourists here. In 2010, the city was awarded the title «City of Military Glory».

Attractions Bryansk

One of the most impressive monuments in Bryansk – this is Kurgan immortality, Located in the park «Solovya». The monument is a stele created in the form of a polyhedron, which from any point of observation seems to be a five-pointed star. Monument is one of the symbols of the city.

Bryansk (Bryansk)

Park Museum of Tolstoy – one of the most interesting parks not only Bryansk, but also Russia, was listed in the book «Parks of the world». It contains a huge collection of wooden sculptures, making it not just a favorite holiday destination, but also the most important cultural attraction.

Savior Coffin Church – One of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Built at the beginning of the 20th century on the site of a wooden church in this place. During the USSR, a morgue was located in the building. Currently, the church is open to visitors.

Tkachevy Brothers Museum Located in the old mansion of 1916 buildings. This monument of architecture stores more than 200 cavity artists of Tkacheva, among which there are quite famous paintings.

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