Best Astronomical Pictures Published

Best Astronomical Pictures Published

Greenwich Observatory published a short list of the XIII Annual Competition "Astronomical Photographer of the Year". This time, photographers from 75 countries of the world applied for the competition, all the jury received 4500 shots. Winners will be announced on September 16, writes LiveScience.

The list of the best got a snapshot of astrophotograph Andrew McCarthy from California. He managed to remove the ISS span on the background of the moon. We wrote about this photographer and earlier. He also removed the flying plane against the background and created the most detailed picture of the moon.

Vitaly Novikov in January 2020 removed the Northern Lights in Murmansk. The feature of his photograph is that he had to wait for the sun outbreak, before photographed lights Aurora Borealis. Otherwise, the radiance was not visible due to urban lighting.

A photographer from Great Britain Benjamin Barakat collided with a similar problem. He waited a shift of lighting in the castle Shambor in France to remove it against the background of the placer stars in the sky.

In the short list, photos were also hit on which the trace of comet Neowise was left over Stonehenge.

Best Astronomical Pictures Published

Anna Kaunis in July 2020 captured as the full moon rises over the Khodyan field in Moscow. Park itself in the photo is not, the moon towers over the high-rise buildings.

Pretty many pictures in the short list were made in Iceland. Among them, you can find an image of Icelandic caves, northern lights, which looks like a waterfall, and what is reflected in the water.

Spanish photographer Damian Peach made a detailed picture of Saturn rings. In the short list you can also find a lot of pictures of the Milky Way. It is shown on the background of mountains, and volcanoes, and lavender fields. Thanks to the contestants, you can see the nebula, which in shape resembles the head of Dolphin.

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