Bangkok Landmark Big Royal Palace

Bangkok landmark: Big Royal Palace

The Big Royal Palace (Pharabarommakhradchawang) was erected in 1782 by order of the King of Rama I, the founder of the dynasty, still ruling in Thailand. This happened after the transfer of the capital Siam in Bangkok. In pristine form, the Royal Palace was an exact copy of the former residence located in the old capital of the country – Ayuttay. During the existence, the palace has changed significantly and scolded.

Palace complex unites several temples, administrative buildings and other buildings. The length of the wall, slimming the palace complex, is 1900 meters. Of all the buildings of the complex, the temple of the Emerald Buddha is highlighted. Previously, he was intended only for members of the Royal Dynasty, and today is open to the general public.

The ruler of Thailand no longer lives in the palace, but only part of the complex is available for visiting tourists. Royal apartments remain closed. The territory of the Grand Palace is not allowed to enter the shoes with an open heel and in clothes with cereal shoulders, as well as in shorts. For unprepared tourists near the entrance there is a rental office.

The building of the Royal Palace
The Royal Palace in Bangkok takes more than 200 thousand square meters
Bangkok panorama: Palace complex is always brightly lit

Bangkok Landmark Big Royal Palace

Working hours: A visit to the palace is allowed every day from 8:30 to 16:30, the sale of tickets is completed at 15:30.

Ticket price: Entrance to the palace together with the inspection of the temple of the Emerald Buddha costs 500thb.

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