Alcasab Fortress in Almeria Sights of Almeria Tour Profit Guide

Alcasab fortress in Almeria

The locality where the city of Almeria is now spread, first attracted the Arabs in the 10th century. Khalif Abd Ar-Rahman III ordered here to rebuild the tower and lay the walls of the fortress on an elevation over a small fishing settlement. Being a great strategist, he understood that a convenient access to the sea, the covered bay and the high point of the locality would become a strategic outpost. Today, the hill on which the fortress is located is called the Hill of Christophore.

At the beginning of the 11th Alcasab fortress in Almeria began to expand due to the fact that the leadership of the Khalifat moved here. The fishing village in just a hundred years rapidly crushed into a full-fledged city with its military shipyards, military and civil port, a large shopping center between East, West and Africa.

Actively built the fortress. Strengthening planning began to include several levels: lower for the protection of residents of the city in case of attacks. Below here were the barracks of the military, the area for the placement of residents. The fortress was built on the case of long Opije, so the baths, trading rows, warehouses, freshwater tanks were taken here. Now this lower level is occupied by gardens.

The average level, to get on which was possible only on the wall, concluded military fortifications and viewing platforms, as well as the system of alert citizens in case of attacks. Here, as well as at the lower level, residential premises were placed primarily for the government, servants. The city of the city was located here, wells were created, the mosque was rebuilt

Alcasab Fortress in Almeria Sights of Almeria Tour Profit Guide

The topmost level of the fortress originally occupied the Khalife Palace. But due to the need to accommodate artillery here, the palace was disassembled. In addition, Spanish Vladyki ordered a gothic cathedral here. Two towers have been preserved here from Arab buildings – Powder and windy.

First that admires the fortress – walls. They were given, indeed, to protect. Their thickness is 3 meters, and height – 5 meters, which, taking into account the height difference makes them impregnable. Alcasab Fortress is the second largest after the Algamba preserved fortress of the period of Muslim dominion.

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