Ajman (AJMAN)

Ajman (AJMAN)

Ajman (AJMAN) – City and Seaport on the Persian Gulf Coast in the UAE, the administrative center of the epiminal Emirate. Located 30 minutes from Dubai Airport. Population – 223,000 people (2003).

Ajman is the only emirate where oil was not discovered. This is the smallest and relatively poor emirate.

Ajman is the residence of Emir and focused main commercial organizations. This is a calm provincial city, poor in entertainment. There is a shopping area, cozy restaurants on the central streets.

In recent years, the city has become rapidly growing thanks to the rapid development of nearby megacities – Dubai and Sharjah.

In Ajman NO «Dry Law», Moreover, there is a store in which foreign tourists without any restrictions are released by alcoholic beverages of imported production. True, exporting them from the territory of the Emirate Ajman Strict-Sourling is prohibited.

Ajman (AJMAN)

The city is located on the shore of the Gulf, which predetermined the development of shipbuilding. Ajman is known for his shipper, where the Arabian single-handy ships "Dow" are manufactured, as well as modern boats and boats. Verfa famous, customers come from other Arab countries to order ships for marine walks and fishing.

From the attractions you need to mention Forte in the city center, where it is open National Historical Museum, With the luxurious exposition of archaeological finds, manuscripts and weapons. Next to the fort is the old Sheikh Palace.

Fans of more spectacular entertainment will be interesting to visit the famous Camel running, arranged in the deserts of this emirate.

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