Air, dry and water

Air, dry and water

Moscow is associated with the Hungarian capital two daily flights: Morning "Aeroflot" and evening – Malev National Hungarian Airlines. So choose the optimal time for departure easy.

From Moscow to Budapest also every day there is a foreign car, which trains for the train N 15, next route Moscow-Uzhgorod. Travel time – 38 hours 43 minutes, so the idea to save on the passage in both directions can take away from you almost four days.

Moving around the country is relatively simple: all major cities and resorts of Hungary and neighboring countries are associated with Budapest direct rail and bus links. You can try more exotic types of movement. For example, the company "MAV Nostalgia" Invites the retro the trains in the style of the XIX-XX centuries. The company includes 50 different types of trains, many of which are museum value without exaggeration. They usually go from Budapest to the most famous tourist places, and in high season they walk along the shore of Lake Balaton.

If you plan to go from Budapest to the capital of neighboring countries, you can travel around the water: From April to October, Budapest is associated with Bratislava and Vienna regular flights of high-speed vessels on underwater wings.

Air, dry and water

The country employs at least a dozen car rental companies, both local and international, such as Europcar, Capitolcity and Anselport. Many provide car delivery services directly to the airport. Prices for rental cars Middle Eastern, but local companies are somewhat lower. For example, Anselport offers Suzuki SWIFT at a price of 43 euros for one day and 29 euros per day, if you take the car for a period of 3 to 6 days. Ford Focus with a manual gearbox will already be 69 euros per day and 56 euros per day for 3-6 days.

Road network in Hungary of good quality, many high-speed highways are laid, but some of them between the main cities have paid plots. In Hungary on the autobahn, you can ride at a speed of 130 km / h, on other country roads – 110 km / h, in the city – 50 km / h.

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